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Current Champions

Lissa EK Wikipedia

Queen's Champion:
Lissa's primary art of choice is the making of glass beads. While she has made beads from many time periods, much of her focus has been on recreating Anglo-Saxon Glass beads and conducing research on the social meaning and significance of glass beads in that society. With the help of friends, she has also begun researching, reconstructing, and making beads on a period appropriate bead furnace.

King's Champion:
Magnus EK Wikipedia
Master Magnus Hvalmagi 
Magnus enjoys brewing of all sorts - beer is his specialty. He is also a storyteller and poet in the skaldic tradition. He is a resident of the Vestfell Farmstead, and resides in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows. Magnus likes to play around with cooking as well, and is known for having ample, tasty meat.