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Judging will be done as a single team, drawing from various areas of expertise. Judging will be conducted face-to-face using a judging rubric (see links below). Absentee entries will not be accepted. Entrants will be asked to stand by their table, only leaving briefly if needed, until they have been visited by their judges. Judges will be asked to talk to entrants before reading their documentation. Thus entrants should prepare a brief 2-3 minute overview presentation about their project. Entrants are also encouraged to make multiple copies of their documentation available to facilitate judging.

While waiting to be judged, and after judging, entrants are encouraged to talk to members of the populace about their projects and to share their research and knowledge to the benefit of the society and the kingdom. Two rubrics will be used - one for physical items, and one for research papers. Rubrics may be found below. Once rubric scores have been tabulated, the top entries will then be announced, and a second round of face-to-face judging will occur with the King and Queen present. Those in the final round of judging will have the opportunity to talk for 5 minutes about their project. The Royals, current champions, and other chosen advisers, will then determine the winner of the competition from among the top entries. The winner of the competition is the Queen’s Champion of Arts and Science. The King determines the King's Champion of Arts and Science from any entry of the day.

General Rubric
Research Paper Rubric

Anyone interested in judging can contact the King's Champion, Master Magnus hvalmagi. Laurels are preferred as judges, but anyone who is reasonably expert in a field may be qualified to judge in that field.