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Artisans will enter either 1 complex or comprehensive item that showcases the depth and breadth of a field; OR a body of work consisting of not more than 3 items that are coherently connected or related in a way that "tells a story" about a time, place, and people. 
  • *Note: an item, for lack of a better term, is the “thing” you are displaying. It is up to the artisan to define and communicate what an “item” is. For example:
    •  A dress could be a single comprehensive item
    • A bead kiln and the beads produced from it could constitute a body of work. 
    • Research papers are unique, as they are both item and documentation in one.
A body of work will be judged as a single “item”; individual entries will not be scored. Items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines. In either case, entries should seek tell a coherent and cohesive story about an historical people, time, place, etc. No item should have won a previous King’s or Queen’s Championship, and each item to be judged should have been completed within three years of the competition. 

If any entrant has an idea they are not sure will fit the competition format, PLEASE e-mail either champion and we will be most happy to chat with you. If any entrant wishes assistance or feedback on their documentation, we are also happy to try to connect you to someone who will be able to offer advice and guidance.

A&S competitors can bring their display items in for set-up beginning at 9. Each entrant will be guaranteed 2.5 feet of table space. If your entry requires additional table space, floor space, access to electricity, or any other special requirements not mentioned above, please describe and explain in the competitor registration form. We will be in touch to let you know if your needs can be accommodated.