Current Champions

Queen's Champion
Mistress Alys Mackyntoich
Alys Mackyntoich is a Scots woman of various eras, depending on her mood. She enjoys research of various kinds, and is well-known for her heraldic research and for writing scroll texts in a period legal style. Until recently, her singing and performance skills were only rarely on display (unless you count serving as baronial and royal court herald), although people of a certain age may recall her participation in mummings and commedia dell'arte while she lived in Carolingia. Alys currently resides in Settmour Swamp.

King's Champion
Lady Aethelflied of Mercia Known As Brewbane
Aethelflied is a 10th century Saxon woman. She is a spinner, weaver, and seamstress. She was also lucky enough to be brought up and educated in the bardic arts. She has also been known to read omens on occasion. She is apprenticed to Grim the Skald and is honored to be a member of the order of the Troubadour.