Youth A&S Display

To encourage the young artisans of our kingdom, there will be space set aside for youth to display any A&S projects they are working on. Youth will be able to set up their entries early on in the day, and a half hour window will be set aside for youth to stand by their entries and talk to the populace.

If your child is intending to display, it is requested, but not at all required, that you, or your child, e-mail our youth A&S coordinator Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin. Space will be available for all youth entries and Lady Aibhilin will be available during the day to act as a guide to youth wishing to display their work.

All youth attending the event will also be given a few tokens which they can leave by their favorite A&S entries as a mark of their favor. These tokens may be picked up from gate, or from the youth A&S coordinator.

As a reminder, this display space is available for youth entries only. Adults wishing to show off their fabulous and amazing works are asked to register for and enter the competition.